What is Faith?

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. ~ Hebrews 11:1

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Wireless Gone

As you know, I made it to my goal of Mexico and am heading North. We thought to take the coastal route and enjoy a few days of respite before diving back into the heart wrenching task at hand of reaching out to the thousands of homeless we were not able to reach on the way south.

Sadly to my surprise, as we took our time, the further North we got, the less places to plug in our modem. Today is the first time since Tuesday that we have found a place to do so. Hopefully, for the next week or so at least, I will be able to blog regularly again.

I find these days that I cannot seem to turn my brain off. Since I am no longer officially on the Change-for-Life Walk, will I really continue to have followers as I continue the mission North? I suppose it doesn't really matter, although I like to think so. What does matter is that I keep putting one foot in front of the other and continue doing what I believe God has called me to do.

Some days, He puts a homeless person, couple or family in my path and I spend time getting to know them, their stories and what their hopes are for their future. Sometimes He has me spending the time catching up on listening to the tapes of the dozens of interviews I have yet to be able to blog about. Other times it is continuing to write pages in one of the three books I am writing. And upon occasion, like yesterday, He just has me stopping to smell the fennel or rosemary that I so dearly love, and grows wild along the California Coast.

Whichever the case may be, it is still the footwork for future Change-for-Life endeavors. I am as you read this blog, putting together plans to do the East Coast walk next year. Now I of all people fully understand that plans can change on a daily basis and that God may be having a good laugh at my expense, but I with the success of this trip, I hope next years will not only happen, but will be even more successful.

For now, I move forward with current plans and will be back in Portland on the 15th of October. In the meantime, I do hope you will continue to check in once in a while for I will continue to blog as often as I can and keep you apprised of where I am, and future plans for this undertaking. I will also be including more chapters from my book, Finding My Way Home. Chapters one and two were the blogs Kiss Your Eyes Sing you to Sleep and Wherever the Road May Lead.
I would appreciate any feedback you may have to offer, because although I am none to fond of having my life out there for the whole world to see, I also believe that if there is one person who can benefit from hearing my story, then it must be told.
Anyway...thank you all for your support and loyalty, even through the insanity.

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